The photograph and medal belonged to my paternal grandfather, John Price. He was born in 1895 in Peterchurch in Herefordshire, the son of a farm worker. Aged 16, according to the 1911 census, he was living away from home, but still in Peterchurch, as a farm worker at Park Farm.

The photograph may have been taken on enlistment; the cap badge shows the KSLI. The medal was issued by the village of Peterchurch, I presume to all who enlisted. It is nine-carat gold, so the village certainly seemed to want to honour their local soldiers.

My grandfather never fully recovered from the trauma of the war. He had served at the battle of the Somme and was gassed. He would be diagnosed with post-traumatic shock nowadays. He found it difficult to find work on his return.

He married in 1923 and had two children, my father and his brother, both of whom served in the Second World War.

He died in 1955 in Hereford and is buried in Weobley, Herefordshire, where he had lived all his married life.