All these items from the First World War relate to my family.


Canon Robert Shipman (1873- 1958) was Rector of Long Preston in Yorkshire, but volunteered and became a chaplain (padre) in one of the Bradford Pals battalions of the West Yorkshire Regiment, which suffered heavy casualties in the Somme battle. He found this carving near the front line, in the ruins of a church that had been totally wrecked by shellfire.

Service medals

These were awarded to my father, Ronald Sawtell.

Shell case

The shell case is German and was picked up by Canon Shipman on the Somme battlefield. He served in France for three years and one of his lungs was permanently damaged by poison gas.

 Nose cone

The nose cone is probably German and was dug up from the Passchendaele battlefield 80 years later.

Edition of ‘Punch’ magazine

‘Punch’ is open at a page showing a Bruce Bairnsfather cartoon,  Bairnsfather has strong connections with the county of Shropshire.