Robert Joseph McGorian was born in Liverpool on 4th September 1892 and died in December 1973 (also in Liverpool). I remember him as being very smartly dressed – he seemed to shine all over! He wasn’t very tall but made a real impression with his happy smile and interest in others. He and my grandmother were great travellers in a time when the ‘package tour’ was unknown and they sent me many lovely postcards from their holidays.

He joined the 5th Border Regiment upon the breakout of war on 16th November 1914, and was discharged due to wounds on 26th November 1918 – so he was there for the duration. I remember only one story that he told me. Every soldier was given a small first aid pack for use in battle. My grandfather used his to help another wounded soldier and didn’t have one when he was subsequently shot in the leg. He was treated in hospital in Dundee for six months until the end of the war. (The risk of infection in those days was very great and wounds took a long time to heal).

My mother absolutely adored her father and would often quote his words. One of his favourite sayings was ‘out of little acorns, great oak trees grow’. Like many others, I wish I had asked more questions and paid more attention to details of his life but I’m sure that he would be pleased that he had been remembered with pride and affection.