I have very little memories of my grandfather, Hugh Mortimer. He died when I was three, but I have vague memories of sitting on his knee in my grandparents’ house in Blackburn.

My father had a gold ring engraved with palm trees which belonged to my grandfather. According to my father the ring was made from a gold coin taken from a dead Turk in what was then Mesopotamia. My grandfather was wounded twice during the conflict before returning home to Blackburn.

All I have now is his medals, including the Military Medal which he won for rescuing a fellow soldier, and two pieces of information. One is the cutting from the local paper in Blackburn reporting his award and the other is a transcript of the letter he wrote to his mother (my cousin has the original).


There are a couple of pictures, a small one from the website showing him in uniform, and one at my parents’ wedding, when he was aged 55. Look at his picture; he looks like a man of 70 or 80 years of age by modern standards!

IMG_0242M&D Wedding 2