This lovely old autograph book belonged to a Miss Mary Elizabeth Thomason. This lady was a great aunt to me, Mary Elizabeth Worrall.  Aunt ‘Cissy’, as she was known, was in service to Miss Heighway-Jones and was trained as a nurse by the Red Cross. Miss Heighway-Jones owned Pontesford House and Earlsdale House.

Earlsdale House was used as a convalescent home for wounded soldiers during the war. Aunt Cissy looked after the service men who were lucky enough to be sent for a spell of convalescing at Earlsdale House, Pontesford.  She collected autographs from these wounded men. Some of the statements are very poignant; some did drawings and sketches as well as writing down their sentiments and gratitude to the nursing staff.  The care was obviously appreciated.

It must have been a lovely experience here in the Shropshire countryside after the trenches and the horrors of the war.


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