Rosebud: a special doll

When I was interviewed by the students I brought in a doll that was given to my Great Aunt Nurse Mary Elizabeth Thomason.  Rosebud is beautifully dressed in fine clothes, handmade by my Aunt.  At the time, 1916, she was working for Miss Heighway-Jones at one of her houses in Pontesford called Earlsdale. She had let it be used as a convalescent hospital for wounded soldiers and was an active member of the Red Cross.

Great Aunt Cissy, as she was known, designed and sewed the doll’s clothes as part of a national competition organised by the Red Cross to raise money for the care of wounded soldiers. The doll won first prize.  All the dolls were sold after the competition, but Miss Heighway-Jones bought her doll back and gave it to Great Aunt Cissy. The doll has remained in the family, now being possessed by myself Mary Elizabeth Worrall, great-niece to Mary Thomason. Rosebud is treasured by the family, especially as she’s almost a hundred years old.

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