My granddaughter Jane Clarke has documented the life of our relative Fred Arthur Underwood, Jane’s great uncle, during the First World War.  She has also created a display of photographs and documents relating to his war record, wounding and subsequent treatment at the hospital in Bradford. Jane has circled Fred in the photographs above.

Fred enlisted on 11 December 1915 when, according to his records, he was “twenty-one years and eleven months old, fit, but had bad teeth”! By 2 May 1916 he was in the South Staffordshire Regiment of the Royal Engineers. He went across to France in March 1917, but was badly wounded with a gunshot wound to his right knee in April 1918.  This became infected and Fred spent almost a whole year in hospital recovering because infection had set in. Fred married and worked hard for the rest of his life but his leg never fully recovered. If his leg had been amputated he would have received a war pension. Fortunately for Fred the British Legion provided invaluable support throughout his life.  He died at the age of ninety.