The pictures above show the following:

  • A photograph of my late wife’s father, Mr Harry Lakelin, from Longden. He trained in Ireland, then he ended up in Belgium.
  • Harry Lakelin’s Christmas tin inscribed ‘Christmas 1914’ sent to all soldiers in that first year of the War on behalf of Princess Mary’s charity to bring some comfort to the troops.  It would have contained a Christmas card from the Princess, cigarettes, chocolate and other small treats. It is made of brass.
  • A school child’s certificate awarded on Empire Day 1916 for patriotically supporting the troops.  The map is entitled ‘How the World is at War’.
  • A photograph of my my grandfather, Thomas Lakelin, who was in a reserved occupation and not allowed to join up.  He was firstly a farmer and then a grocer in M.P. Jones’ shop.  He still had to join up with the Territorials – the Reserves.  This is them coming up by Manchester Cottages on the Main Road, Pontesbury after training.
  • A second certificate for school children across the Empire who worked to support the troops.
  • A second photograph of Thomas Lakelin’s Territorials on parade in Station Road. The road doesn’t look tarmac-ed here, but some of the houses which exist today are recognisable.
  • A souvenir magazine/pamphlet to mark the end of the First World War officially.  It must have been a local edition as it has the King’s Shropshire Light Infantry (KSLI) insignia on the front.
  • A family letter with commiserations for the death of a family member.
  • A photograph of Harry Lakelin’s medals.