The first photograph shows a page from an autobiography which includes details of First World War experiences. It  was written by George Moorland Hall, grandfather of Kate Fletcher, not only mentioning his time in the army but giving quite a descriptive overview of those times.  Here is an extract:

Page 21:

” We arrived at Bordeaux and after a very short stay entrained for Marseilles, and for me the stay at Bordeaux was quite long enough as we could distinctly hear the barrage of artillery raging north of the channel ports, and I for one would always prefer to be a live coward than a dead hero.

Three days by troop train through France to Marseilles was a very pleasant interlude and the very beautiful Riviera seemed to me (accustomed to the grey industrial areas of Northern England) to be ‘out of this world’. . . . .

. . . . The three weeks we were in Marseilles was spent mainly on loading ammunition into the hold of the S.S. Caledonia, the ‘trooper’ which which was to take us to Egypt via Malta: tons of artlliery shells, boxes of hand grenades, and other small arms ‘ammo’ engendered rather sober reflections of our possible chances of survival if, on the wya across, we were attacked by German subs.  As indeed we were between Malta and Alexandria.”


The binoculars were used in Egypt in the desert while he was on active service.  There are different stories attached to them, including one reference to Tutankhamen.  But they are unlikely to all be true.