In December 1915 Flight Sub-Lieutenant Bunnie Bremner joined No. 2 Wing RNAS in the Gallipoli campaign as a pilot, based on the island of Imbros. He flew many different aircraft while he was there, but his favourite was Bristol Scout No. 1264. Eight months later he was invalided home with malaria and dysentery, and brought back with him three souvenirs of 1264 – the stick, rudder bar and the magneto. Now, 100 years later, his grandsons, David and Rick, with their friend Theo Willford, have rebuilt 1264 and it is flying once again. Here, the students of the History Makers project interview me and my brother Rick to find out more about our granddad’s flying career and listen to its engine running.

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2015-07-09 First flight overhead FDHB Portrait 1915 Scout C 1264 Thasos June 1916 per FDHB (800x422)